What to Expect When Expecting a Megan Modification

 It starts when you decide on your piercing or modification. Megan only uses American Made Titanium jewelry that is purchased from exclusive trusted dealers.


Next, Megan will evaluate and decide the best way to begin and she marks her exact point and makes sure it is in the perfect spot.




Megan maintains a perfectly sanitary area and always wears the appropriate PPE so as not to contaminate the fresh piercing or modification.



Megan is a seasoned professional and her piercings are swift and confident. She creates the least amount of pain with every stick.



The modifications may change, but the results are always the same. The perfect piercing with minimal pain and very happy clients.



Megan also provided detailed instructions on how to properly clean and maintain your new body modification. These instructions will help to heal your new modification and will prevent infection.


For your new body modification, Book an Appointment with Megan Now!!!

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