Book an Appointment & Aftercare


So you have a new piercing, now its time for the Aftercare.

These instructions will help you have a safe and easy healing process so follow them closely.

Saline solution is the best aftercare for your new adornment. The minimum requirement for healing is at least three times a day direct spray or a Q-tip application. It is perfectly acceptable to use saline up to 8 times a day if you feel the need.

DO NOT use soaps or alcohol on your new adornment. They will dry out the area causing unnecessary trauma to the area causing further delay in your healing process.

DO NOT touch your new adornment!!! There is no reason to touch your new adornment other than cleaning.

***** TIP**** If you feel jewelry may be loose or flawed you can always come back to Urban’s Tattoo and Piercing Studio South for assistance. We are more than happy to help.


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