Megan English and The Virus Vixens

Megan English is not just a professional piercer at Urban’sTattoo & Piercing Studio South in Arlington Texas, she is also a kick-ass roller derby player on the Virus Vixen’s roller derby team.

Megan slams it out on the rink with many other hard hitting ladies of the DFW area in an epic contest of skating and endurance. Megan’s passion can be seen in her determination and focus on the rink. 

“I love to be on skates it’s my happy place,” said Megan. “My favorite part about Derby is our league and the different women that all come together to make one fierce team AMAZING.”

Megan is joined by her Virus Vixens and together they are taking DFW roller derby to a new level.

“I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world,” said Megan. “I also love Derby for the exercise.”The Derby team that