Megan Lent a Hand at Tattoos and Tailpipes

Megan English attended the Tattoo and Tailpipes event on Sept, 23rd 2018 with her husband Trey English who enjoyed the amazing cars, bikes, and choppers and of course, live tattooing.

This event was put on in the name of Autism awareness and the proceeds went to The Hope Center for Autism in Fort Worth.

Megan donated her time to the convention for piercings. The event was cool, understated and had a live auction as well as personal testimonies from Autistic adults. The tattoo studios in attendance were from the most elite tattoo shops in Arlington.


Five Most Commonly Confused Ear Piercings

There are five very common ear piercings today that a lot of people getting confused. The inner and outer ear piercings are becoming more frequent but still, most people are confused with the names and what the piercings are located.

1. Conch Piercing


A conch piercing is on the inside of the ear’s cartilage.




2. Daith Piercing

This piercing has the ring pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold.

It looks quite similar to tragus due to its position.




3. Graduate Lobe Piercing


You need three or more earrings of the same design but different sizes.

This kind of piercing is a combination of three or more piercings done on

the lobe at a certain interval from each other.

4. Tragus Piercing


Tragus piercing is one of the highly infamous piercings due to their being highly prone to irritation.

The outer portion of the ear that falls to the inner side of your face is where you need to face the needle.



5. Helix Piercing


The Helix piercing is one that wraps around from the front of the ear to the back

to form a horizontal ring, or helix, around the outer ear.

Megan English and The Virus Vixens

Megan English is not just a professional piercer at Urban’sTattoo & Piercing Studio South in Arlington Texas, she is also a kick-ass roller derby player on the Virus Vixen’s roller derby team.

Megan slams it out on the rink with many other hard hitting ladies of the DFW area in an epic contest of skating and endurance. Megan’s passion can be seen in her determination and focus on the rink. 

“I love to be on skates it’s my happy place,” said Megan. “My favorite part about Derby is our league and the different women that all come together to make one fierce team AMAZING.”

Megan is joined by her Virus Vixens and together they are taking DFW roller derby to a new level.

“I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world,” said Megan. “I also love Derby for the exercise.”The Derby team that

What to Expect When Expecting a Megan Modification

 It starts when you decide on your piercing or modification. Megan only uses American Made Titanium jewelry that is purchased from exclusive trusted dealers.


Next, Megan will evaluate and decide the best way to begin and she marks her exact point and makes sure it is in the perfect spot.




Megan maintains a perfectly sanitary area and always wears the appropriate PPE so as not to contaminate the fresh piercing or modification.



Megan is a seasoned professional and her piercings are swift and confident. She creates the least amount of pain with every stick.



The modifications may change, but the results are always the same. The perfect piercing with minimal pain and very happy clients.



Megan also provided detailed instructions on how to properly clean and maintain your new body modification. These instructions will help to heal your new modification and will prevent infection.


For your new body modification, Book an Appointment with Megan Now!!!